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Lislee Wooden Electric Adjustable Bed -Slatted
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Lislee Wooden Electric Adjustable Bed -Slatted

From €1,495.00.

The Lislee Wooden Electric Adjustable Bed is a  very stylish slatted bed with a beautiful  Solid Oak finish which  will never date and complement any bedroom.

The photo is of a Single Mechanism/Single Mattress 4ft 6in(Small Double Bed) Lislee Electric Adjustable Bed.  

The 5ft & 6ft Lislee are both Dual Beds, with 2 Adjustable Mechanisms, and 2 Mattresses, for Independent Movement.

There are 2 other Lislee Bed styles available :    Lislee Curved        Lislee Low Foot End

Superb range of matching Bedroom Furniture available to complement all 3 of the Lislee Electric Adjustable Bed styles.



Complete the look

From €1,495.00.

The Lislee Wooden Electric Electric Adjustable Bed is a Slatted Bed in very stylish  Solid Oak finish which  will never date and complement any bedroom. 

  • This adjustable bed comes with a  5  year guarantee on the bed base.
  • The adjustable bed mechanism is manufactured to the highest quality German standards and has a 5 year guarantee.
  • Most of our mattresses are manufactured in Ireland.
  • The Lislee wooden electric adjustable bed is also suitable for the High Low/Vertical Lift/Carer’s Bed Mechanism, which makes it much easier for Carer’s to get easy access to their clients.
  • A beautiful modern  Solid  Oak Adjustable Bed which will complement any bedroom.
  • Additional matching  bedroom furniture available with all our ranges
  • Easy to use remote control hand set
  • Colour :  Solid Oak 
  • The Lislee is also  available in Curved and Curved with Low Foot End
  • The  Grab Bar which was designed by Care to Comfort is  ideal  with all 3 of the Lislee Wooden Electric Adjustable Beds, for the person who needs to feel More Secure, or needs some assistance with turning in bed.
  • Superb range of matching Bedroom Furniture available to complement all 3 of the Lislee Electric Adjustable Bed styles.


Mattress  :  Sleep Easy is the standard orthopaedic mattress supplied with all our beds.

Five  Point Massage : Tension relieving variable speed luxury Five point massage system with auto cut off after 15 minutes , which can be fitted in some of  our mattresses.

Mattress Upgrades : (A) Dream Cloud,      (B) Memory Touch,       (C) Floatation

 (D)Emerald Air Mattress-Alerta (F)  Ruby Air Mattress-Alerta (G) Sapphire Air Mattress-Alerta

Sizes Available : 3ft, 4ft 6in, 5ft, 6ft. (Special orders can be made to any height or length).

Size 3ft : is a  Single One Mattress Bed.

Size 4ft 6in : is a Small Double (One Mattress) Bed.

Sizes 5ft & 6ft: are Dual Beds, with 2 Separate Mattresses, and 2 Separate Mechanisms, for independent movement.

Electric height adjustment / electric back and leg section adjustment / automatic triple knee-break adjustment

Electric back and leg section adjustment with automatic triple action knee break

Bed Height (from floor to top of mattress) : 22 inches(approx).   Bed Length : 6ft 6in.

Our standard adjustable bed height is 22 inches from the floor to the top of the mattress(like most beds).We can make your bed to any height you wish. This bed has a 7 inch gap between the floor and the base, which is ideal for when using a bed table or a hoist, or if the customer needs the assistance of a Carer.


Single Double Double Double Dual Double Dual
Bed Width 3ft 4ft 4ft 6in 5ft 5ft 6ft 6ft
Price €1,495 €1,895 €2,695 €2,995 €2,995 €3,195 €3,195
Optional Extras
Mattress Upgrade (A)(Dream Cloud) €175  €225 €225 €225 €325 €225 €325
Mattress Upgrade (B)( Memory Touch) €195  €250 €250 €275 €350 €275 €350
Mattress Upgrade (C)(Flotation)           (2 options) €225  €275 €275 €295 €375 €295 €375
Bed Height €95  €95 €95 €95 €95 €95 €95
Massage(Single) €255  €255 €255 €255 €255 €255 €255
Massage x 2 €355 €355 €355 €355
Cot Side (Single) €150  €150 €150 €150 €150 €150 €150
Cot Sides x 2 €220  €220 €220 €220 €220 €220 €220
Grab Ring €299  €299 €299 €299 €299 €299 €299
Vertical Lift /High-Low/Carer’s Bed €1,375  €1,575 N/A N/A 1 Side
N/A 1 Side
Heavy Duty Frame €495  €495 €895 €895 1:€495 2:€895 €895 1:€495 2:€895
  • The prices quoted are subject to VAT @23%. This VAT payment can be reclaimed if the adjustable bed is purchased for a person with a medical issue using Form : VAT61A
  • Orthopaedic Beds, and Orthopaedic Chairs MAY be Tax Deductable. Please take advice from your Financial Consultant.

3ft (Single), 4ft (Large Single), 4ft 6in (Small Double)(Single Mattress), 5ft (King)(Dual Mattress Bed), 6ft (Super King)(Dual Mattress Bed)


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